Energy Savings

Bovema has spent years developing solutions that can lead to real energy savings, which translate into financial gain for our clients.

For this reason, in 2011 the company founded a Green Bovema division. The aim of Green Bovema is to research innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption and improve microclimatic conditions within the working environment. The ventilation systems Bovema offers today are being increasingly recognized as integrative techniques for microclimate control in civil and industrial construction, thanks to the results they obtain in terms of energy savings while blending energy efficiency with environmental sustainability

Here are five ways to start saving with natural ventilation

1. Assisted ventilation guarantees control of the microclimate in an industrial facility. This can help improve comfort for those working there as well as ensure the correct functioning of production processes (steel and plastic production).

2.Natural ventilation helps clean the air of exhaust gases within an industrial facility, ultimately making the workplace a healthier environment.

3.Within ATEX environments like battery recharging areas, natural ventilation makes it possible to expel potentially explosive gases at no extra energy cost.

4.Natural ventilation also allows you to keep humidity levels within a determinate area in check, making it possible to safeguard the integrity of warehoused materials or preserve the oxidation structure of steel.

5.Integrated with an air-conditioning system for a shopping mall, a natural ventilation system guarantees energy savings and a ROI (Return On Investment) within three years.