Ventilation Systems

Louvered Natural Aeration Systems

Bovema’s fixed or mobile louvered natural aeration systems are appropriate for the creation of various different kinds of natural ventilation systems for commercial and/or industrial buildings. They do not require any energy source, and therefore are particularly useful for ventilating industrial buildings, where they can provide considerable energy savings. All Bovema’s products are built to conform to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, and provide high quality standards. The use of high quality aluminum makes the products corrosion-resistant while guaranteeing they’ll function properly over the long term. The availability of a wide range of products allows Bovema to satisfy diverse architectural and design needs. The aerodynamic form of its extruding aluminum elements makes it possible to create endless panels with aeration systems that utilize either adjustable or fixed louvers.

Thanks to a system of internal uprights, it is possible to set up the different louvers without the use of external fasteners while still guaranteeing proper alignment and full support for the blade. Adjustable grilles come equipped with a system of internal blades that can be adjusted in order to control air flow in any given moment, while keeping the external louvers fixed, making it possible to prevent water from penetrating the edifice even in the event of foul weather.