Ventilation Systems

The LTV assisted ventilation model

LTV assisted ventilation models were developed for various systems including ventilation, hot air extraction, air cooling, heat recovery, dehumidification and filtering for both commercial and industrial buildings.

More than a true mechanical ventilation system, this is an example of Assisted Natural Ventilation. Outside air comes in through the entrance aperture, protected by an inox steel screen and an anti-rain cover, and passes through various phases of conditioning (heat exchange, filtration, cooling, heating, heat recovery) until the required air quantity and quality are achieved.

Modular construction techniques and a wide range of different models make it possible to design systems that are custom tailored to each individual client in terms of both air quantity and quality.

The aluminum structure, light and corrosion-resistant, is perfect for installing these systems on rooftops – providing advantages both in terms of money saved and noise controlled – or inside the building.

The system’s smooth paneling, insulation and thermal division makes it perfect for use in the pharmaceutical or food industries. Openings with large doors make it easy to access the system for maintenance. Production is subject to EN-ISO 9002 certification.

For special applications, the inside of these panels can be built with inox steel or plastic, corrosion-resistant materials.