Ventilation Systems

Unilab All-Weather Natural Ventilation

Unilab’s natural labyrinth ventilators extract large quantities of hot air or smoke both economically and efficiently. They were designed to ventilate industrial buildings that require permanent ventilation under any and all weather conditions. The use of AIMg3 aluminum alloy guarantees high resistance to corrosion, which in turn translates into minimal maintenance and long-lasting performance in the building.

This all-weather natural evacuator is light and equipped with a self-supporting structure, and has been tested in wind tunnels in order to guarantee high efficiency levels for ventilation systems in industrial environments characterized by high temperatures and spaces where hot air inside has to be released effectively even during foul weather conditions including wind, rain and snow.

In environments with heavy industry, noise dispersion can be limited through the application of a block of AIMg3 noise-absorbing panels set beneath Unilab devices. The shape and size of these panels can be custom-tailored to each specific environment.