Ventilation Systems


A natural ventilation system does not function by pressing a button or turning on motors, but by the spontaneous movement of air masses driven by differences in pressure, generated in turn by a difference in air density due to temperature. For this reason a natural system is “always turned on and working,” and doesn’t need any outside energy supply.

That said, it is also possible to control these systems, manipulating the extraction elements, intake elements or both. Regulation mostly takes place through one of two different actions:

1. Opening and/or closing intake shutters (dampers).

These can be manipulated manually or automatically. An automatic system can be equipped with the necessary feedback elements.

2. Opening and/or closing the extraction surfaces through shutting off sectors that perform an on/off action.

This approach can prove particularly useful during the cold months, especially when paired with internal recycling devices (see “Mixing Units”) which, by preventing indoor heat from escaping, help guarantee correct redistribution.