Ventilation Systems

Mixing Units

In addition to natural ventilation in the strictest sense, there are also more flexible solutions that make it possible to employ a relatively wide range of uses over the course of a calendar year. While natural ventilation is particularly effective for the hot months, expelling excess heat present inside a given building, assisted ventilation makes it possible to put unused heat present at higher levels back into circulation, even during cold months. Assisted ventilation is created by pairing the natural ventilation elements mentioned earlier with a series of air mixing units.

These units are designed modularly and can perform different functions: from simple mixing to filtering, heating and dehumidifying in more complex solutions. These functions are activated by control circuits that work to maintain the desired environmental conditions and keep the environment under control.

Pairing mixing units with natural ventilation devices is typical for an integrated system designed to supply a complete, targeted solution for achieving the desired climate within a work environment. In fact the most important part of the entire construction is the proper sizing of its elements (natural ventilators, air treatment units, ducts, intake points) within the scope of the overall project. Even the treatment units, typically installed on the roof, are realized in anticorrosive aluminum. This makes it possible to extend their resistance to foul weather as well as to simplify installation, given that they weigh less, and thereby keep costs under control. Careful evaluation of individual company situations makes it possible for Bovema to take advantage of the experience the company has accumulated across Europe in designing ventilation systems for various different industrial, residential and commercial environments.