Ventilation Systems


Natural ventilation systems are being utilized mainly in companies that need to control their own microclimates, but where the building’s volumetric characteristics, or the heat developed inside, render the use of traditional air conditioning or forced ventilation both expensive and relatively ineffective.

Natural ventilation is not an alternative to traditional air conditioning, but rather an integrated technique to be applied where standard solutions have reached their physical limits. It is a technique appropriate for various different building categories (production areas, storage areas, large public buildings, sales spaces, technical areas, laboratories, residential buildings) and strives to extract significant quantities of the heat that develops inside an edifice both from endogenous processes and from the sunlight.

Bovema Italia is a specialist in the design and construction of these systems, based on the use of all-weather ventilation devices UNILAB Mk 1 and UNILAB Mk2. These devices are illustrated in a dedicated pamphlet. In order to install these on a building roof (at the apex if possible), our teams open one or more rectangular apertures, the sizes of which are calculated based on the quantity of air that needs to be extracted.

Unilab natural ventilators can be built of varying sizes ranging from 70 cm (27.5 inches) to 2.80 meters (a little over 9 feet). Length can be adjusted as well, given that the base model for the ventilating element (which measures 40 cm, or 15.7 inches) can be repeated until reaching the overall length required by the project design. The product is roughly 70 cm (27.5 inches) tall, lightweight and resistant to bad weather. It is easy to set in place thanks to prefabricated, 2-meter-long (six and a half feet) elements. Unilab is a static device with no moving parts, minimizing maintenance costs and eliminating operating costs altogether. It has been designed for all-weather use, and prevents rainwater from entering the edifice. In some cases the closeable version may be appropriate (equipped with a 20-cm, or 7.9-inch sliding closure). The natural ventilation technique for large spaces takes advantage of air stratification within the edifice. The Unilab ventilator is a certified product, the aerodynamic characteristics of which have been studied in wind tunnels in order to guarantee efficient hot and warm air extraction in any and all atmospheric conditions. Today, the design of a valid, effective natural ventilation system is based on qualified products and up-to-date calculation models. There are numerous examples of these systems in place in buildings across Northern Europe. In Italy this technique, although still rare, is quickly becoming a popular building solution.