Who We Are

Engineering passion for custom-tailored solutions.

Bovema, a specialist in energy-saving solutions, has been working across Europe for over twenty years in the smoke and heat evacuation sector, industrial ventilation and zenithal lighting.

The company’s high skill level has made it a point of reference for consulting, designing and realizing these systems, guaranteeing high quality standards and a complete range of products and services offered. Innovation and engineering design are Bovema’s strongpoints, making the company a unique, specialized point-of-reference. Bovema is also able to create custom-tailored products within its own ISO 9001-certified production system.

Bovema’s wide range of products include smoke evacuators, natural or mechanical heat evacuators, natural or mixed ventilators, zenithal lighting systems including overhead lighting domes, skylights, canopies and tunnels, as well as moveable or fixed smoke and fire barriers.

Bovema guarantees its clients careful attention to specific needs, following every single development process involved in the project from design drafts to producing various systems, installation and periodic maintenance. The company’s efficient Customer Care Service guarantees rapid intervention and assistance for every single system the company installs. Bovema’s installation department is equipped for any kind of intervention, boasting the most advanced control systems and a technical lab that can fulfill any client need.

The assets that have always been integral parts of Bovema’s systems include: prevention, safety, energy savings. Within a market context that is paying increasing attention to eco-sustainability and protecting energy resources, this last aspect in particular has led to the creation of the “Green Bovema” division. The aim of this department is to identify solutions that use an energy-free approach. In the event these fail to respond to the client’s needs – and only in this event – Bovema identifies a solution that uses energy at the level needed to achieve the best performance/cost ratio, improving microclimatic conditions within the workplace. The natural ventilation systems Bovema offers its clients are earning recognition as integrated techniques for controlling microclimates, and are appropriate for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, where they provide energy savings by blending energy efficiency with environmental sustainability.

The company’s continuous search for state-of-the-art solutions is maintained through collaboration with research labs, daily contact with designers and clients, and active participation in technical committees like U.N.I., C.E.N., research institutes and the various professional groups and associations inherent to our sector.

For all these reasons, many different small, medium and large companies continue to choose Bovema, taking advantage of collaboration with the technicians and qualified professionals of a proven industry leader.